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Lisson Packaging OEM Factory

Workshop environment and applicated machines


  • Lisson Packaging has multiple production bases, a modern industrial plant with an area of over 60,000 square meters, a 100,000-level dust-free workshop and owns advanced production equipment, currently has 10 PE tube production lines, 8 laminated tube production lines, 10 aluminum tube production lines, with a monthly comprehensive production capacity of 20,000,000.


  • After years of continuous research and investment, Lisson now has more than 100 international and domestic patents, can produce more than 1,000 types of products, and has established cooperative relations with many well-known brand cosmetics companies at home and abroad.
  • Lisson Packaging has a professional quality team and a complete quality control system that offers high-quality packaging products and services. We aim to be a world-class packaging brand!


1.More than 1000 types of cosmetic tubes and bottles

2.100,000 grade dust-free workshop

3.8 PE Tube production lines, 6 laminate tube production lines, 10 aluminum tubes production lines and thousands of molds

4.Monthly10,000,000 tubes and bottles production ability

5.15 days for urgent order

6.7 days for urgent pre-production order

7.More than 100 plastic cosmetic tube patents.

8.Co-operation with numerous domestic and abroad famous brand cosmetic companies


  • Lisson Packaging always adheres to strict control of product quality and aims to build a world-class packaging brand. Provide customers with high-quality packaging and create higher product value.
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