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  • How to own Healthy Hair Start with Scalp Care

    How to own Healthy Hair Start with Scalp Care

    Aug 11, 2021

    Healthy hair care should start with scalp care. Most of the reasons for dry and dark yellow hair are caused by unhealthy scalp. Everyone is still very confused about scalp care. Here I will tell you about the causes of scalp aging and at home. You can also try to clean the scalp shampoo. 1. The scalp with healthy hair is transparent, and it can be seen that every pore is fresh, while the unhealthy scalp is red, and poor blood circulation is the main reason for the redness of the scalp. 2. The clogged scalp pores make the scalp unable to fully absorb nutrients and form the stratum corneum, and hair dyeing is the main reason for the formation of the stratum corneum. 3. In fact, the scalp of people who are often irritable and sensitive is unhealthy, because anxious getting angry will make the scalp heat up and red, causing damage to the hair. Lisson Packaging is a professional scalp care packaging manufacturer, since 2013. If you are looking for a special packaging of your products, come to us.

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  • The Field of Men's Cosmetics is Becoming a New Blue Ocean

    The Field of Men's Cosmetics is Becoming a New Blue Ocean

    Jul 21, 2021

    With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people's awareness, the cosmetics industry is no longer just the world of women, and more and more men are beginning to realize that cosmetics can improve their personal image to a certain extent so that they can maintain A more refreshing and comfortable state for interpersonal communication. At present, many cosmetics brands have begun to enter the field of men's cosmetics, and produce some make-up and skincare products that are in line with male tonality. On the whole, the development of men's cosmetics field presents the following characteristics: 1. The integration of color and care is a new trend, and male KOLs carry the banner of color makeup In the past, products produced for men were generally concentrated in five types of skincare products, facial cleansing products, body cleansing products, shaving products, and perfumes. Among them, cleansing and moisturizing products accounted for a larger proportion and basically concentrated In the field of basic care products. However, with the advent of the video age, we can see a person’s image more intuitively through TV and the Internet, and this image is often our first impression of others. Therefore, "face value" has become a special concern for the entire society. The content of the book also opened up an era of the "appearance" economy. Based on this, in the field of men’s cosmetics, cleansing still occupies a very important position, while sunscreen, whitening, and spot reduction have also skyrocketed, becoming new growth points. At the same time, a group of Internet aborigines born after the 90s and 00s is more able to accept men's skincare and makeup, and at the same time, they have gradually grown into a new generation of main consumers, which has promoted the vigorous development of the men's cosmetics industry. Judging from the cosmetics sales data in recent years, the male group has begun to catch up and contributed a significant amount of purchasing power. Among the dazzling array of cosmetics, men will pay more attention to products such as "concealer", "repair" and "eyeliner". The common point of these products is that they can enhance their personal image without being too public. . The development speed of the domestic men's makeup industry is also developing at twice the global average growth rate, which has also given birth to many male KOLs. 2019 is known as the first year of live broadcasts. Li Jiaqi succeeded in hitting popularity with his professional lipstick color test. In fact, in addition to Li Jiaqi, there are more and more male faces among bloggers who teach beauty and skincare on major platforms. They are not only able to be the same as female beauty bloggers, they are familiar with all kinds of cosmetics, have professional makeup knowledge and rich makeup experience, and more importantly, they can make makeup that is more suitable for men from the perspective of men. To overcome the gaps...

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  • What are the characteristics of food packaging

    What are the characteristics of food packaging

    Jul 16, 2021

    The characteristic of food packaging is that it can better serve consumers while still retaining the main role of packaging for the product, but magnification can not only play a protective role, but also beautify the product, but also bring new feelings to consumers. What are the characteristics of food packaging. Plastic Squeeze Tube could be used for food packaging, such as butter, tomato sauce, soy sauce, Mustard etc. 1. Attract consumers' attention Visual appeal is the first link in all marketing activities, and it is also a very important link. Through the rational use of colors, graphics and text, the terminal dynamic display is strengthened to attract the attention of target consumers, so that corporate products and brands are unique among many competitive brands and products, and arouse the interest and enthusiasm of target consumers. Make corporate products and brands plug in the wings of visual marketing. 2. Creativity As an effective channel to convey product information to consumers, commodity packaging has attracted more and more attention from enterprises. However, when a large number of products are placed on supermarket shelves and sold to consumers without a word, how to make the product packaging convey more information to consumers and generate more visual appeal has become a common problem faced by enterprises. However, innovative food can solve this problem. 3. The use of color Food packaging design is first to attract consumers with different shapes and bold and bright colors. Traditional packaging not only has the same shape, but also has the same color. Water is white and transparent, fruit juice is the original color of fruit, and wine is the same. We don't pay much attention to color matching. Food should have made breakthroughs and improvements in packaging. Lisson Packaging own over 20 years of experience in making plastic tube food packaging.

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  • Hand cream Tube Series

    Hand cream Tube Series

    Jul 01, 2021

    Sweat easily in the sultry summer In addition, during the current epidemic Everyone recognizes the necessity of washing hands frequently But wash your hands too frequently And the hand sanitizer used in the process of washing hands It is also easy to cause damage to the hand skin barrier And diligent use of hand cream can better care for the hand skin At work Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time When the face is dry, it is easy to think of hydrating But when the hands are dry But I can’t think of moisturizing And a hand cream in a small package Can fit into any bag Will not squeeze too much space Easy to carry and protect your hands at any time When traveling outdoors The journey is exhausting Carrying too heavy objects will greatly reduce the joy of travel Small and beautiful hand cream Can add a little simple happiness to the journey When rushing to the sea, the grassland and another city Let the hand cream give yourself the most meticulous care Exquisite design and printing Can make a hand cream tube Become a beautiful decoration Add a little bit of luck to your life The hand is a person's second face Although we usually pay more attention to the face than the hands But a pair of nice hands are equally attractive From now on Make yourself more beautiful

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  • Do You Know a Eye Cream Packaging which can Vibration?

    Do You Know a Eye Cream Packaging which can Vibration?

    Jun 10, 2021

    LISSON Packaging release  new products are coming The Automatic Vibration eye cream tube, stainless steel ball 360-degree rolling massage improves the skin problems of the eyes, and the micro-current are safer and more efficient. The automatic Vibration Eye Cream Tube body is made of high-gloss sheet material that is wear-resistant and not easy to break, and the cracked metal texture is high-end. The color of the ABS electroplated hard and anti-fall tube body can be customized according to the Pantone color card number. Press and hold the metal part of the ball to touch the skin to trigger the vibration After entering the information age, people spend a lot of time facing electronic devices, staring at the electronic screen for a long time, even after turning off the lights before falling asleep, they will involuntarily turn on their mobile phones and watch Moments and short videos for a while; Playing with a mobile phone after turning off the lights will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. To alleviate such damage from the root, it is obviously necessary to quit the habit of playing on mobile phones before going to bed. For those who have already caused eye damage and have to deal with electronic devices for a long time due to work reasons, you can choose to use some eye cream products to relieve eye skin fatigue The Automatic Vibration eye cream tube-launched by LISSON Packaging this time can promote simple eye cream products to exert greater value. Improve the problems of inadequate hand massage and poor control strength. From the packaging point of view, the eye cream products have added greater added value. value

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  • The Baby Series Cosmetic Tubes Packaging

    The Baby Series Cosmetic Tubes Packaging

    Jun 01, 2021

    The baby series cosmetic tubes launched by Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. are full of fun and help parents keep their children's innocence. At the same time, the small-volume packaging is very convenient for children to carry. For some baby skincare products, interesting packaging can attract people to buy to a large extent and add value to the product. Today's adults like to celebrate Children's Day, and the circle of friends is always lively on this day, sending out a variety of Children's Day copywriting, buying "childhood snacks" that were eaten as a child, and reminiscing about the carefree days of childhood. Why do today's adults like to celebrate Children's Day so much? All adults were once children, but many people don't remember. --"Little Prince" Probably because on this day, I can remember that I was once an innocent child. In the busy and busy days of being an adult, I can occasionally remember that I have also enjoyed petting, caring, and love. Guangzhou Lisson children skincare product Tube, mini style, childlike and vivid, more convenient to carry. Moreover, Tube who use these tube packaging can feel the simple and pure happiness of children from the simple packaging. Nowadays, the cosmetic packaging of the baby series can not only attract children but also has great appeal for some people who still miss their childhood and are still full of innocence.

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  • Application of 3D printing in cosmetic tube packaging

    Application of 3D printing in cosmetic tube packaging

    May 21, 2021

    3D Printing also is called UV digital printing equipment is a kind of high-tech digital printing equipment that is "non-contact with printing media". Compared with traditional printing, digital printing realizes "computer output data information to UV digital printing equipment-UV digital printing equipment" The integrated printing production mode of "direct printing" greatly simplifies the operation process. Lisson Packaging has been focusing on the innovative research and development of cosmetic packaging. The digital printing equipment used in the production of new products has many advantages compared with traditional printing equipment. ✔A variety of materials can be applied Alumina, various plastic materials (acrylic/PETG/AS/ABS/PP/PE hose), etc. ✔UV ink meets the printing requirements of the packaging field ✔The micro piezoelectric industrial print head, high printing accuracy, and strong stability ✔ Full-color images, photo-level effects, natural color transitions ✔White ink printing function, popular special visual effects, and uneven hand-feeling image printing ✔ ICC color management curve, which can effectively control the color cast problem ✔Progressive color can fully achieve the photo quality effect, accurate positioning, and low rejection rate ✔Digital printing equipment does not require plate making, and the time is fast ✔Support multiple file formats, complete in one step, offset printing ✔Using UV-LED environmental protection cold light source curing system, good energy-saving effect ✔Able to perform intelligent photoelectric positioning, accurate positioning, the low rejection rate Guangzhou Lisson Packaging Plastic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of innovative Cosmetic packaging. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction". The R&D team has continued to develop new packaging materials based on trends and has a number of product patents. With its diversified operating characteristics and high-end cosmetic packaging, it has won wide recognition and reputation from customers.

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  • Which cosmetics sunscreen packaging is good

    Which cosmetics sunscreen packaging is good

    Apr 28, 2021

    It was the hottest time of the year again, and under the scorching sun, the cosmetics market once again started the battle of sunscreen products. A variety of sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen essence, there are many unique, brand-new sunscreen tube packaging, very attractive eye creams, good cosmetics, start with the packaging, good cosmetics packaging, from LISSON packaging begin. According to a recent survey report provided by Transparency Market Research, a US research institution, the global sun care market will grow at an average annual rate of 5.8%. It is estimated that by 2024, the global sun care market will reach $25 billion. There are five major trends in the sunscreen market. First, light, breathable and refreshing sunscreen products are popular. Today's young consumers pay attention to the basic functions of sunscreen products, but also pay attention to whether sunscreen products are "sticky", "breathable" and "lightweight". This kind of sunscreen products are mainly used for small-capacity cosmetic flat-tube packaging, the capacity is 10~30ml Second, sunscreen products with high lightfastness have become the focus of the market. The number of consumers and sales of my country's high-power sunscreen products (such as SPF50/PA++++, etc.) has increased by nearly 200% in the past two years, showing an explosive growth trend. These products mainly use cosmetic bottles Third, the sales of anti-"photoaging" all-band sunscreen products have increased significantly. The sales of anti-"photoaging" all-band sunscreen products continue to rise, and many first-line skincare brands have also launched sunscreen products that focus on anti-"photoaging", which fits the current "anti-aging" boom in the skincare market. Fourth, "full-body spray" and "sun stick" become "net celebrities". In the past two years, consumer demand for sunscreen products has gradually shifted from facial sunscreen to full-body sunscreen. Fifth, the sales of "skin-nourishing type" sunscreen products have grown rapidly. "Skin-nourishing" sunscreen products that combine sunscreen and skincare are gradually gaining popularity among consumers. Among them, the post-80s mainly prefer sun protection and whitening and concealer, and the post-90s mainly prefer sun protection and moisturizing. Sunscreen products not only need good-looking tube packaging but also can target the preferences of young consumers so that they can easily take advantage of the cost-effective advantage to outperform international brands. All in all, this year is a good time for cosmetics brands to charge, do not leave sunscreen products in the summer. Unique and innovative packaging, look for LISSON Packaging

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