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Dual Chamber Plastic Tubes
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy By Lisson Cosmetic Tubes Wholesale

Lisson cosmetic packaging strictly abides by laws and regulations and follows the following privacy protection principles to provide you with safer and more reliable services:

1. Safe and reliable:

We make every effort to prevent your information from being leaked, damaged or lost through reasonable and effective information security technology and management processes.

2. Independent choice:

We provide you with convenient information management options so you can make the right choices and manage your personal information.

3. Protect communication secrets:

We strictly abide by laws and regulations, protect your communication secrets, and provide you with secure communication services.

4. Reasonable and necessary:

In order to provide better service to you and other users, we only collect the necessary information.

5. Clear and transparent:

We strive to use a concise statement to introduce you to our privacy policy so that you can clearly understand how our information is handled.

6. Integrate privacy protection into product design:

We integrate various concepts such as law, product and design into all aspects of product or service development, and incorporate the concept of privacy protection.

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