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Green Sustainable Packaging

We are a One-Stop Service Customized cosmetic packaging factory, and have more than 20 years rich experience in customization cosmetic tubes, squeeze tubes, ABL tubes, PBL Tubes, Airless Pump Tubes, Lip gloss Tubes, Skin care Tubes, PCR (Post-consumer recycled) Tube, etc. 

PCR (Post-consumer recycled) plastic is made from single-use packaging that are used and disposed of via recycling channels. Cosmetic tube factory produces millions of PCR tubes in the work every year, which can be fully recycled using existing collection systems, such as in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, and the Netherlands, etc. PCR reduces the carbon footprint by 16%.

Squeeze Tubes Details Date Sheet as below:

Laminated Tubes Structure:

Plastic Laminated Tubes Structure

Squeeze Tubes Specification

Cosmetic Packaging Tubes Printing Date

Cosmetic Tubes Head and Layer

Cosmetic Packaging Tubes Caps and Head

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