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Black Oval Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging Series

Cosmetic Plastic packaging shapes are usually round and oval. Oval cosmetic squeeze tubes for sunscreen cream, hand cream......
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Black Oval Plastic Tube Cosmetic Packaging Series

Oval Tube, Round Tube, Flat Tube, PE tube, ABL Tube, Laminated Tube, Aluminum tube, sustainability packagings such as: PCR plastic Tube, Sugarcane Biological tube and 99.7% aluminum tubes all we do, more than thousand of lids shapes.

We offer Logo and design printing service, open private mould if you have the plan to make total new and unique packaging.

Oval Plastic Cosmetic Tube

What We Can Do

Cosmetic Tube Types: Round Tubes, Oval Tubes, Twist-off Tubes, Long Nozzle Tubes, Applicator Tubes.

Plastic Tube Diameter: D13 D16 D19 D22 D25 D30 D35 D38 D40 D45 D48 D50 D55 D60

Capacity: 3ml to 400ml (The customer requires adjustment within the length range 45-310mm)


1. Cosmetics (Eye Care, Lip Care,Hair Care, Hand Cream, Skincare, BB cream, Sunscreen, Facial Cleanser, concealer, Primer, Foundation, body lotion, toothpaste...

2. Food (jam, condiments)

3. Medicine (ointment, acne cream, scar cream)

4. Industrial category (glass glue, caulking agent, silicone grease, etc.)

5. Hotel supplies (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, body lotion, etc.)


Plastic Material: PE, Laminated Material (ABL, PBL and High Gloss)

Sustainable Eco-friendly Material: PCR, Paper Laminated Material, Sugarcane, 99.7% Aluminum

Layers: 2 layers, 5 layers

Color: Printing according to customer’s Logo and design

Varnish: bright, matte

Printing: offset printing, silkscreen, hot stamping, labeling, 1-8 color printing.

Sealing: According to customer requirements, you can choose one of two options: tail sealing or aluminum foil sealing

Lids/Caps: Screw Cap, Flip-top Caps, Octagonal Cap, Various Acrylic Caps, Wood Caps, Bamboo Caps, Disc Top Caps, Two-color Screw Caps, Various Functional Caps..

Packaging: standard packaging or packaging according to customer requirements

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We Offer Cosmetic Packaging Customized Service, Please leave your requirment, we will reply you as soon as we can!