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/Factory Supply 60+60ml Dual Chamber Tube for Cosmetic

Factory Supply 60+60ml Dual Chamber Tube for Cosmetic

Dual chamber tube is a convenient and practical cosmetic packaging solution for cosmetic products that require two separate components to be dispensed simultaneously. 

  • Suitable for:

    Facial cleanser, cream, lotion, oil, etc.
  • Tube Diameter:

  • Filling Capacity:

  • Tube Material:

    Plastic, Laminated
  • Tube Decoration:

    Offset, silkscreem, hot stamping
  • Cap Type:

    Screw Cap
  • MOQ:

  • Customization:

    Logo, Color, Shape
  • Sample:

    in stock
  • Product Detail

Factory Supply 60+60ml Dual Chamber Tube for Cosmetic 

Perfect for merging two cosmetics, the dual-chamber tube design is currently popular with many people. For example, moisturizer and serum can be stored in different chambers within the same tube, allowing consumers to mix the two products before applying them to the skin together.

Lisson Packaging is focus on cosmetic packaging,this tube can support 

OEM/ODM service,MOQ is 10000pcs,support customized material, capacity, design, etc.

It can be used for a wide range of cosmetic products, including creams, lotions, gels, and serums. This makes it an ideal packaging option for brands that offer multiple skincare products within the same range.


Plastic, Laminated,Acrylic
Surface Handling
  Silk Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Labeling
Tube Capacity
Provided Freely
OEM/ODM Customized Service
ISO9001, SGS, Product Patents, Lisson Brand, etc.
Our Advantages
15 days for urgent order
100+ cosmetic Bottle & Jars packaging patents
1000+ types of cosmetic Bottles, JARS
100000 grade dust free factory
Supplies Fortune 500 Companies
OEM for Well-known Brands

60+60ml dual chamber tube for cosmetic


The dual chamber tube also offers aesthetic appeal. The two separate chambers can be filled with different colored products, creating an eye-catching visual effect that is sure to attract consumers' attention on the shelves. Dual chamber tube is also a sustainable packaging option. By combining two products in one tube, manufacturers can reduce the amount of packaging material used, leading to less waste and a smaller environmental footprint.

factory cosmetic tube

Sustainable packaging solution for cosmetic products. Its innovative design and aesthetic appeal make it an attractive option for both consumers and manufacturers in the beauty industry. With its growing popularity, we can expect to see more brands incorporating this packaging solution into their product lines in the future.


Contact us today to learn more about this premium packaging solution and how it can elevate your product line.



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We Offer Cosmetic Packaging Customized Service, Please leave your requirment, we will reply you as soon as we can!