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Roller on Bottle packagings---Lisson Packaging

Mar 26, 2021

Plastic Cosmetic pacakging Roller on bottles  and Roller on tubes they are loved by many big brand cosmetic companies because these packages are very customer-friendly, easy to use, and have a massage function. It’s a packaging container and a beauty tool, multifunction.

It is widely used in cosmetics and medicine fields such as eye cream care, deodorant, hair removal cream, body care, etc.

Lisson Packaging own more than 10 types of roller on bottle and roller on tubes plastic packagings to meet various customers' requirement, for example single roller on tube (15ml~150ml), two roller on tube for neck, eye care and body massage; three rollers on the tubes for body lotion, 5 rollers on tube and bottles for scraping and body care etc.  We offer packaging customization service from design, produce, pack and shipment. Logo and printing service.

Search for Beauty, Start from Lisson Packaging.

Roller on Bottle

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