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How to deep clean the face by facial mask

Apr 08, 2021

Nowadays, the improvement of living standards has also prompted people to pay more and more attention to the field of skincare.

Consumers have a strong interest in using facial masks and use facial masks as a way to reward themselves or as a "first aid artifact" for skincare.

Cosmetic Packaging for Facial Mask

The facial mask is a cream-like paste in a bottle, which can be applied evenly on the face according to needs. facial masks include mud paste type, peel type, cream type, film powder type, etc.

It has the characteristics of being sticky and can be attached to the face by applying it, and it has a care effect on the skin.

Facial Mask Bottle

Features: The pastes, gels, and creams packed in bottles can be applied to the entire face or part of the face according to needs.

What innovative packaging is available on the market for facial masks?

There is currently a cosmetic tube packaging on the market that is very suitable for facial masks. This cosmetic packaging is a silicon applicator tube/bottle independently developed by Lisson Packaging.

The packaging is combined the container and tool, applicator adopts medical degree silicone, it is very soft and easy to use. Relax your hands and enjoy the massage.

The silicone tongue tube/bottle head uses medical-grade silicone for coating the material in the tube, which eliminates the traditional hand-applied paste and can apply the paste more evenly.

Choose Lisson Packaging for the innovative packaging of facial masks.

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