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Application of 3D printing in cosmetic tube packaging

May 21, 2021

3D Printing also is called UV digital printing equipment is a kind of high-tech digital printing equipment that is "non-contact with printing media". Compared with traditional printing, digital printing realizes "computer output data information to UV digital printing equipment-UV digital printing equipment" The integrated printing production mode of "direct printing" greatly simplifies the operation process.

3D Printing Cosmetic Packaging

Lisson Packaging has been focusing on the innovative research and development of cosmetic packaging. The digital printing equipment used in the production of new products has many advantages compared with traditional printing equipment.

✔A variety of materials can be applied

Alumina, various plastic materials (acrylic/PETG/AS/ABS/PP/PE hose), etc.

✔UV ink meets the printing requirements of the packaging field

✔The micro piezoelectric industrial print head, high printing accuracy, and strong stability

✔ Full-color images, photo-level effects, natural color transitions

✔White ink printing function, popular special visual effects, and uneven hand-feeling image printing

✔ ICC color management curve, which can effectively control the color cast problem

✔Progressive color can fully achieve the photo quality effect, accurate positioning, and low rejection rate

✔Digital printing equipment does not require plate making, and the time is fast

✔Support multiple file formats, complete in one step, offset printing

✔Using UV-LED environmental protection cold light source curing system, good energy-saving effect

✔Able to perform intelligent photoelectric positioning, accurate positioning, the low rejection rate

Cosmetic Bottle 3D Printing

Guangzhou Lisson Packaging Plastic Co., Ltd. has been committed to the development and production of innovative Cosmetic packaging. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the tenet of "Quality First, Customer Satisfaction". The R&D team has continued to develop new packaging materials based on trends and has a number of product patents. With its diversified operating characteristics and high-end cosmetic packaging, it has won wide recognition and reputation from customers.

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