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Custom 50ml Cosmetic Hand Cream Tube PCR Plastic Tube

Hand Cream tube with spheroidal shape lid, the tail sealing is arc-shaped, it looks cute. Like it? send a message to us now.
  • item no.:

  • product origin:

    Guangzhou China
  • Lead Time:

    20 Working Days
  • Suitable for:

    Hand Cream
  • Tube Diameter:

  • Filling Capacity:

  • Tube Material:

    PCR, Sugarcane, PE, ABL, PBL
  • Tube Decoration:

    Silkscreen, offset, hot stamping, labelling
  • Cap Type:

    PP, PCR-PP
  • Cap Decoration:

    Matte,Gloss, Frosted, Metallizing optional
  • MOQ:

  • Customization:

    Pantone Color
  • Sample::

    in Stock
  • Product Detail

Custom 50ml Cosmetic Hand Cream Tube PCR Plastic Tube

We produce the plastic squeeze tubes according to customers design (artwork), let them make their dreams a reality. Please show your ideal, design, logo etc information to lisson tube, our designer will assistyou! A range of packaging solution will be sent to you. Welcome to send a inquiry to us.

Custom Cosmetic Tube

Choose sustainable packaging, choose Lisson Packaging!

Lisson Packaging is a onestop customization cosmetic packaging manufacturer, packaging solution provider and supplier. Over 20 years of rich experience in the skincare customized packaging industry area. Main products are Cosmetic tubes, Bottles, and sustainable packaging series (PCR plastic tubes, Sugarcane Bio-plastic tubes, recycled Aluminum Tubes, Kraft Paper tubes etc)

1. More than 1000 types of cosmetic tubes

2. 100,000-grade dust-free workshop

3. Monthly6,000,000 tubes production ability

4. 15 days for urgent order

5. 7 days for urgent pre-production order

6. More than 100 plastic cosmetic tube patents.

7. Co-operation with numerous domestic and abroad famous brand cosmetic companies

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We Offer Cosmetic Packaging Customized Service, Please leave your requirment, we will reply you as soon as we can!
LISSON PACKAGING — Your reliable cosmetic packaging partner!

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We Offer Cosmetic Packaging Customized Service, Please leave your requirment, we will reply you as soon as we can!