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Happy Halloween Trick or Treat-Lisson Packaging

Oct 31, 2022

TO All CUSTOMERS:   Happy Halloween

Halloween is a traditional Western holiday and a holiday of terror. Halloween is a popular holiday in the West, from the day this holiday was born, there are various legends about it: in ancient Egypt, the third Sunday of October every year, is the most solemn festival of the nether world and the yang world - Hades Day; while in China, in this day is also known as the "Ghost Festival In China, this day is also known as "Ghost Festival". The underworld is an important part of traditional Chinese evil culture, and "Ghost Festival" is a holiday that can easily cause people to feel uncomfortable. Ghost festivals are usually the time when a person is most afraid of being scared, and in Chinese society it is common for ghost festivals to be called "ghost stories". In many Western countries, Ghost Festival is also known as "Ghost Festival", "Ghost Festival" or "Ghost Festival" or "Haunted Festival ", Chinese society is also called the Ghost Festival or Ghost Gate (or Ghost Gate), is a kind of terrorist activities or ghost stories occur when people will hide in the dark afraid to come out of the activities of the festival. The ghost world and the spirit world are actually the two concepts of the nether world and the yang world, Ghost Festival is also known as the Ghost Festival, in some Western countries in the form of night activities as the main, but in China generally on November 1 called the Ghost Festival. With the continuous study of witchcraft and ghost culture in China's native culture, Halloween began to take shape before the emergence of certain Western social customs

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