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How to own Healthy Hair Start with Scalp Care

Aug 11, 2021
Healthy hair care should start with scalp care. Most of the reasons for dry and dark yellow hair are caused by unhealthy scalp. Everyone is still very confused about scalp care. Here I will tell you about the causes of scalp aging and at home. You can also try to clean the scalp shampoo.

1. The scalp with healthy hair is transparent, and it can be seen that every pore is fresh, while the unhealthy scalp is red, and poor blood circulation is the main reason for the redness of the scalp.

2. The clogged scalp pores make the scalp unable to fully absorb nutrients and form the stratum corneum, and hair dyeing is the main reason for the formation of the stratum corneum.

3. In fact, the scalp of people who are often irritable and sensitive is unhealthy, because anxious getting angry will make the scalp heat up and red, causing damage to the hair.

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