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The Field of Men's Cosmetics is Becoming a New Blue Ocean

Jul 21, 2021

With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of people's awareness, the cosmetics industry is no longer just the world of women, and more and more men are beginning to realize that cosmetics can improve their personal image to a certain extent so that they can maintain A more refreshing and comfortable state for interpersonal communication.

At present, many cosmetics brands have begun to enter the field of men's cosmetics, and produce some make-up and skincare products that are in line with male tonality. On the whole, the development of men's cosmetics field presents the following characteristics:

1. The integration of color and care is a new trend, and male KOLs carry the banner of color makeup

In the past, products produced for men were generally concentrated in five types of skincare products, facial cleansing products, body cleansing products, shaving products, and perfumes. Among them, cleansing and moisturizing products accounted for a larger proportion and basically concentrated In the field of basic care products. However, with the advent of the video age, we can see a person’s image more intuitively through TV and the Internet, and this image is often our first impression of others. Therefore, "face value" has become a special concern for the entire society. The content of the book also opened up an era of the "appearance" economy. Based on this, in the field of men’s cosmetics, cleansing still occupies a very important position, while sunscreen, whitening, and spot reduction have also skyrocketed, becoming new growth points. At the same time, a group of Internet aborigines born after the 90s and 00s is more able to accept men's skincare and makeup, and at the same time, they have gradually grown into a new generation of main consumers, which has promoted the vigorous development of the men's cosmetics industry.

Judging from the cosmetics sales data in recent years, the male group has begun to catch up and contributed a significant amount of purchasing power. Among the dazzling array of cosmetics, men will pay more attention to products such as "concealer", "repair" and "eyeliner". The common point of these products is that they can enhance their personal image without being too public. . The development speed of the domestic men's makeup industry is also developing at twice the global average growth rate, which has also given birth to many male KOLs.

2019 is known as the first year of live broadcasts. Li Jiaqi succeeded in hitting popularity with his professional lipstick color test. In fact, in addition to Li Jiaqi, there are more and more male faces among bloggers who teach beauty and skincare on major platforms. They are not only able to be the same as female beauty bloggers, they are familiar with all kinds of cosmetics, have professional makeup knowledge and rich makeup experience, and more importantly, they can make makeup that is more suitable for men from the perspective of men. To overcome the gaps in the field of male makeup, it meets the needs of some men who want to learn makeup to enhance their image without being too obvious.

For more men in China, convenience is the first pursuit. Many people stop in the cosmetics field because of the cumbersome steps from cleansing, lotion, essence, sunscreen to pre-makeup, isolation, foundation, concealer, etc. and the product name that is never distinguishable. Therefore, when choosing makeup products, products that can achieve the integration of color and care will be more valued. Just like the popularity of "no-face cream", a product can quickly meet a variety of needs, and it can also be more in line with modern life. Rhythm.

2. According to the different preferences of men, the market needs to adjust different strategies

The development of the cosmetics industry in the female group is relatively mature, but when facing the male group, it is still necessary to pay attention to many aspects and adjust its market strategy according to the different needs of different men.

First of all, compared with women, men are willing to spend less time in physical stores and specialty stores, and e-commerce networks that reduce face-to-face communication will be more favored. In response to this, brand owners need to clearly indicate the advantages and selling points of their products as detailed and methodically as possible to facilitate consumers' selection.

Secondly, the skin quality of men is quite different from that of women. Generally speaking, men’s skin tends to be oily and acidic as a whole, and secrete more sweat and oil, so brand owners need to specifically address men’s cleanliness and cleanliness in the process of designing and producing products and marketing products. Skincare needs.

Furthermore, from the perspective of men’s consumption habits, men born in the 1980s will pursue more sophisticated skincare, such as aftershave, facial mask essence, etc. Products that can enhance the overall temperament are often more favored by this type of consumer group. After the post-95s generation, they will pay more attention to makeup products such as sunscreen, blemishes, and repair. Therefore, brand owners need to continuously subdivide their products according to different male needs and give the male group more choices. This is also the only way for the male cosmetics industry to mature.

Third, men will prefer textured packaging

The mainstream male cosmetics packaging will be more black, blue, cyan, cyan, gold, silver, etc. in color selection. These colors can look more calm and atmospheric to the entire cosmetics, which is in line with the tradition for men. Definition of roles. In recent years, some "high-end colors" have also shown their talents and have won the love of many people. The simple and elegant colors can enhance the style of the product to a certain extent so that people who use the product will also spontaneously develop a humble, polite, and refined person. feel.

In the choice of materials, male groups will prefer plastic and glass materials. At the same time, the packaging design does not need to be too cumbersome and complicated. The packaging design principle is beautiful and atmospheric to avoid excessive packaging. The packaging of male cosmetics can use some embossing, leather, 3D printing, etc., to increase the texture, highlighting their own style from the details, so that others can feel their own taste in such details.

Today, we are in a pervasive environment of live broadcasts, short videos, and variety shows. With the help of celebrity endorsements and brand owners, cosmetics are no longer exclusive to women, and the participation of more and more men has also promoted the development of the cosmetics industry. . It can be seen that the field of men's cosmetics still has great potential, and many sub-sectors have not yet been occupied by brand owners. Brand owners can increase their attention to the field of men's cosmetics and dig out the greater value in this blue sea.

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